Oodles of Doodles: My Cup Runneth Over…..


….with love. I gotta say, I’m overwhelmed by the response of so many people who discovered my work as of recently via Stumbleupon.com. There are no words I can say to express my appreciation, so I give you more of what you might like. First up, I posted here a couple of drawings (“Truckin’”, “Oh Deer, Oh My”) and then the rest are sketchbook pages (few new, others old); I hope you guys like them, I definitely had fun making them. There’s a lot of great stuff coming to fruition in the near future. So I’ll stop talking now and do what I gotta do, keep your ear to the ground, i’ll be back real soon with some more bloggage.   BONUS: there’s a little video you can check out at the end of this post, if you DARE!!!!! Thanx guys, ur the best!



(…broke as hell. Haha!)


Studio Visit

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One thought on “Oodles of Doodles: My Cup Runneth Over…..

  1. Just thought I would comment and say that I recently discovered your work on StumbleUpon and I think that it is great. I’m finding it really inspirational and it is motivating me back into my own practice, especially with regards to loving my sketchbook more, which has been neglected recently, thank you :)

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